Summer & Fundraising Update!


Hello all!

The End of the Year

The apprenticeship is over and I'm now officially transitioned on as a senior staff member with UTD Focus! I've been spending this summer fundraising and doing some ministry, as well as getting ready for the upcoming school year with my campus team. We're currently making our asks for all the girls who we're hoping will say "yes!" to being a student leader next year!

Speaking of student leaders, here's a photo of all the staff and student leaders at UTD this past school year. Practically everyone pictured here led a core (gender-specific small group), minus some of the staff who led our peer teams (a group of student leaders they oversee). These students are really the backbone of our ministry-- without them, our reach and influence would be significantly less. Not to that mention that it wouldn't be as fun if it weren't for them! They are all so sweet, fun, and encouraging to be around. It's been sweet to befriend them as well as be on mission together for God's Kingdom.

All of us "whooshing" since our school mascot is a comet (:

Some of my core girls and I at the end of year party! This was us trying to recreate a photo we took at the Christmas party-- but don't be fooled, Katie is only carrying me. Isabelle and Audrey are standing on the couch! #opticalillusion

Summer Focus

During the summer we provide a weekly fellowship meeting for the students, and all the campuses are invited! Students who are local/in town are able to maintain community throughout the summer, as well as meet students from other campuses who they normally wouldn't get to see during the school year. 

We average around 250 students each week. It's so encouraging to see these students show up for fellowship and community, despite it being their summer break!

Fundraising Update!

I am currently at 78% of my fundraising goal! With three weeks left of summer, I'm praying that God will provide 7 more donors at $100 a month. There are a few ways you can help! You could let me know if you are able/willing to increase your monthly giving, you can pray for God to provide, and you can send me referrals! If there's anyone you may know that would be interested in supporting campus missions, or would at least be encouraged to hear about what God is doing on college campuses, let me know! 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting me in college ministry. Without you, I wouldn't get to do what I do on the college campus. Your partnership means the world to me, and your impact on God's Kingdom is priceless. Thank you again for supporting, praying for, and believing in me (:


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