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January Update!

Hi everyone! It'e been a while since I last updated y'all on how ministry is going! We just had winter retreat, which happens once a year and is a huge event for us. It's an opportunity for all of our campuses to be together, worship God together, and recieve the message our pastors feel the community needs to hear. We focused on 1 John-- living in the light, and loving God and people. It was an amazing experience and I know so many students were impacted for the Kingdom throughout the weekend! Here's my Core at Winter Retreat! We had so much fun together and grew closer in our friendships with one another.  Here are some more photos to show you what I've been up to lately: DeAnne, Dena and I doing our Focus on Jesus weekly bible study! DeAnne is about to graduate with her masters, and Dena is a freshman! Sophie is a freshman in my Core and we also study FOJ together. She has become such a sweet friend and our time together is always fun and encouraging! We've b

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