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We're Back! August & September Recap

 Hi! It's been a while since I've last updated y'all via blog about how ministry is going! I want to report that fundraising went well over the summer and I was able to be fully fundraised, praise God! Once August hit, fundraising season was over and we started preparing for all the students we were going to meet at the start of the school year. I'm happy to say that God has been faithful yet again and has brought so many new students to our ministry this year! It's been such a humbling experience to be reminded that God is always working even when we don't see it. He's been pursuing these students long before they were they were even born. It is such an honor to get to work alongside God in bringing His Kingdom through the work of college ministry.  I could write a whole essay on all that God's been doing this year, but I thought including mostly photos would be fun! At the end of the blog I'll ask for some prayer requests, ESPECIALLY since we'l

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