Happy Fall, Y'all!


Hi everyone!

    September was such a sweet month of ministry! We got to go to fall camp, which comes up fast in the school year, but really fast-tracks the solidifying of relationships and the value of community quickly. We need that every year, but desperately so coming out of the pandemic. If you'd like to read about one big way the pandemic has affected our ministry, Brandon, one of our campus directors, wrote about it in his blog. You can read about that here: Our Biggest Prayer Need Right Now.

    I would echo some of what he talked about, one being that students don't know how to manage their schedule coming out of a year where all their classes were virtual, thus affecting their attendance and willingness to hang out with each other. I can see how that's been affecting our core  (small group), and would like to ask for prayer that the girls in our core come to value friendship and community, as well as for wisdom as to how my co-fa (co-facilitator) and I can heat up those values!

Apprentice Classes

As an apprentice this year, half of my time is spent in classes and on homework. We've been reading through the Old Testament and taking a class on that, as well as classes on financial stewardship, leadership, maturing/spiritual disciplines, a preaching/writing workshop, ministry principles, biblical theology for contemporary Christians, a class on evangelism, and more! Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but it's humbling to realize that God has entrusted me with so many things to be faithful with-- from my classes, to the girls I get to minister to, God is so good and I continue to work hard to the glory of God!

Thank y'all so much for supporting me so that I can do what I'm doing this year. I know the classes I'm taking will continue to lay a foundation for years of ministry to come-- whether vocationally, or as a disciple in the workplace. I love y'all a lot and am so thankful for each of you!

Love, Michelle!

Student Testimony

Here's our photo from fall camp!

My co-fa (co-facilitator), Isabelle! She's a junior at UTD and is majoring in computer science! I've loved leading core with her and being her friend! Her friendship has been one of the sweetest things about this year so far. I love her a lot! 

A quick selfie with our core girls as we took the elevator down one day after core!

Another photo from fall camp, where we got to worship together outside!


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